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Map of Joao Pessoa - Brazil

Joao Pessoa is known as the "the city where the sun rises first", being the easternmost city in south america. Joao Pessoa is as well the third oldest state capital in Brazil (founded in 1585 under the name of Nossa Senhora das Neves) with numerous monuments of architecture and Baroque art. Joao Pessoa is the second greenest city in the world after Paris and has been preserved from European and American tourism which happened in the Nordeste. Its priviledged location between the north of Brazil , very close to Europe and its tourism of charters and Bahia with its cultural heritage make this city and the State of Paraiba the next trendy spot in the new geo-political context where brazil plays a major role, resource and tourism wise. In the mean time Joao Pessoa and the state of Paraiba have evolved on their own, building and autonomous and balanced economy with a higher than average level of education and business infrastructure.


Map of touristic spots in Joao Pessoa








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